10 countries with the largest number of billionairess

The overall state of billionaires over the past year has increased by 14%, or by 760 billion, to an unimaginable mark of 6.19 trillion dollars. Not only is the capital of the richest people on the planet growing, but also the number of themselves. The number of billionaires in the world increased by 9.4%, and amounted to 2 160 people, according to Wealth-X. In this article, we will examine which countries boast the largest number of rich people. 10. Last place in the top ten ranking is occupied by Canada. The second largest country in the world has 40 officially registered billionaires. Their overall condition is estimated at $ 105 billion, or $ 2.625 billion, on average for each. 9. On the ninth line of the ranking is Brazil. In the country of eternal carnivals, there are 49 billionaires with a fortune of 300 billion dollars. Over the past year, the state of Brazilian billionaires grew by 3.5%. Brazil became the only state in Latin America in the top ten. Nevertheless, the average capital of the Brazilian rich is estimated at 6.12 billion dollars, which is 2.3 times more than the Canadians. 8. The eighth position is taken by Switzerland. The homeland of banks, watches, cheese and chocolate is a favorite place for billionaires from around the world thanks to one of the most stable economies until recently. In Switzerland, 57 billionaires with a fortune of $ 125 billion are registered. 7. Seventh place in the ranking is Hong Kong, one of the main financial centers of Asia, where 64 billionaires live with a total fortune of 190 billion dollars. And this is with a population of 7 million people. 6. Russia took the sixth place in the list. For Russia, there are 97 billionaires with a total fortune of $ 380 billion. Over the past year, the number of billionaires has grown by 17 people, but their state has decreased by 29%. 5. Opens the top five countries with the highest number of rich India, which at the same time are the poorest on this list. With the number of 109 billionaires living in India, their overall condition is only $ 190 billion. On average, every Indian billionaire has about $ 1.7 billion. In Russia, the same figure is 3.9 billion, so it would be fair to divide the fifth place between the two countries. 4. The country with the largest economy of Europe, Germany, took the fourth place. The number of billionaires in this country is 137 people, who share a fortune of 550 billion dollars. There are also German cities with the greatest concentration of businessmen of interest to us: Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg. 3. Bronze rating went to the UK – 140 billionaires live in the United Kingdom with a total value of 430 billion dollars. The country has the largest number of billionaires in Europe, the country is ahead of Germany by three people, but lags behind Germany in the total welfare of the group at $ 120 billion. 2. The second place in China, where there live 147 people, who have $ 380 billion. They make up only 1.3% of the ultra-rich, although they account for 24% of the total fortune of 1.58 trillion dollars. On average, every Chinese billionaire owns 2.6 billion dollars. 1. The unchanged leader of the list is the United States of America. The number of billionaires in this country is 480 people with a total fortune of 2.05 trillion dollars. Despite economic difficulties, over the past year in the US, the number of billionaires increased by 25 people, or by 5.5%, and the cumulative state increased by 8%. Now you know which country is home to the largest number of the richest people on the planet, with the United States being the clear favorite. One can not doubt, in the near future the first place from the US will not go anywhere – from the list given, 36% of billionaires live in the United States or 480 out of 1320 people.