Strawberry Against Acne

Fraga the meaning of the word is derived from the Latin word Fragaria smelling eaten. The word comes from the word vescusa vesca, which means edible.
Europe, North and Central Asia, North America, North Africa, the climate is not very hard to grow everywhere.
Strawberries are the first time the power of the 2nd treatment century has included the Roman Apuleius.
16. century, many books written in febrile diseases, liver inflammation, sore throat and mouth odor to the root, fruit and leaves are proposed. Wrote gout attacks in your own strawberries healed the line. Kneipp used recovering sand and stones, and skin rashes. Leclerc, especially against the root of the proposed diarrhea.
According to a belief, strawberry, is a source of health provision in men, especially for women during menstruation harmful. This is believed due to the color of the fruit of faith. Strawberries filled boots protect the feet from freezing.

According to another belief, that spring, the first flowers of strawberry eaters rise fires.
Allergy to strawberries, through the snake, frog, or will occur in the form of bubbles in the body of the spider eaters unveiled last strawberry. This was based on those animals are poisonous.
Medicinal Properties: astringent, booster, blood purifier, diuretic, sedative.
Root astringent, diuretic, diarrhea, and bloody urine is used against dindiricidir.
Strawberry fruit positive impact on intestinal health, helps keep the skin taut and young people, infarction, thrombosis, and prevents infection, helps gout, cancer, protects, adjusts the level of cholesterol, improves concentration, prevents premature hair whitening and loss, lowers blood pressure, edema, solvent, anemia, fatigue, free radicals, is effective against nervous disorders and insomnia.
Areas of application: Angina, skin, fatigue, kidney, red nose, teeth, bloody urine, anemia, sand and stone diseases, convalescence, diarrhea, wound.
Botanical: Turkey, Northern, Southern and Western Anatolia, widely grown. Forest cavity meadows, sunny mountain slopes, forest road edges, especially in the light-flooded grows in damp places.
As the root of the rope extending a multi-year shoots. Separated from the main plant stem güçlendiklerinde whether they are enough. The leaves are stalked and three pieces. Each leaflet roundish egg-shaped, toothed edges, tops tüylüdür.5-15-cm-long end of the shaft between the months of April, June, bears white flowers. Red-colored fruit, a combination of many meyveciğin met. Fruit is about to begin in June depending on where you grew up, until the autumn matures.

lerjik diseases, the most common diseases of society, and because of the frequency of allergic conditions may occur during the period of pregnancy.
Allergic diseases self skin rash, blistering, and itching (atopic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, and angioedema), itching and watery eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) increase in nasal secretion, itching, congestion (allergic rhinitis), lungs, shortness of breath attacks (allergic asthma) or digestive system, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite (food allergies) which may in the form of diseases. The emergence of symptoms due to an allergy to a certain factor of an individual’s exposure to the allergic constitution. This is a variety of inhaled agents mite allergy, dust, pollen, pet dander as well as a variety of substances, such as foods (eggs, strawberries, chocolate, and many other food items), through skin contact, detergents, various metal jewelery or various drugs, such as penicillin group of antibiotics may be . Generally speaking each item in the world, and it even includes medications used for allergies, allergy may be the cause.

Usually 20% of mothers are known to be an allergic condition.

What is an allergy?

Foreign substances that enter our body’s immune system, bacteria, viruses, and other living cells and protects the body from time to time of everyone who works for a small number of cancer cells to destroy the system. If you need to make the most simple definition of an allergy, the immune system response to extreme leakage.

Tissue structure of the growing baby in the mother during pregnancy, mothers adayınınkinden different. The reason for this is that candidates for the baby’s father half of the genes present in the composition. This is in spite of the difference in texture, under normal conditions, the body tends to remove it as soon as possible even though the foreign tissue transplanted immune system during pregnancy, the resulting “re-tune” the result of a foreign tissue, although the baby can continue to grow in the womb. Maternal immune system, these changes also contribute to the reduction of allergic diseases in general, although there is not always the case, and exacerbation of pre-existing allergic conditions, such as during pregnancy hafifleyebildiği or no allergic manifestations may be observed for the first time during pregnancy may occur.

Allergy Role of the Family

One of the candidates for mom or dad on respiratory allergic disease, especially if the baby is approximately 40% the possibility of any allergic condition. Mom and Dad when it comes to candidates in both infant allergy is an allergic condition most likely to occur around 70%.

The Role of Environmental Factors allergy

Genetically predisposed to allergies, allergy triggering factors of a person who has been exposed to and how often sooner if the first occurrence of allergic duration and severity of the situation increases.

The Role of Psychological Factors allergy

This is the first experience an allergic reaction rather than the individual who first came back again, even if the reaction is able to live up to the usual causes of allergies. Considering the close relationship between the immune system of the brain close connection between psychological factors, the development of allergies can be better understood