Pregnancy and diet


Haute couture, protect the health of the mother and baby, to develop, to meet the nutritional needs of both mother and baby, all I need to create a nutrition program. Objective mother and baby’s well fed, as a result, achieve the desired blood levels, weight gain, to the extent requested sağlanılmasıdır. Adequate and balanced nutrition of the mother’s unborn baby’s health is possible. However, against the risk of weight gain than the control is also very important. Will be some changes in maternal metabolism. Nutrition, contains also important during this period. This period is usually ‘complete nutrition’ are equivalent to. Missing nutrition are at the forefront of losses, people are encouraged to be fed on demand. In fact, the more nutrition in deficient diet during pregnancy can create serious problems.


The distribution of the energy that should be taken daily is important. 15 percent of total energy, protein, 30 percent fat and 55 percent complex carbohydrates also be met. During pregnancy is the energy required to take the person’s age, height, weight and level of physical activity, such as that from the beginning of pregnancy is calculated according to the parameters. Which will take the energy it needs from food nutritionist and co-ordinated with prospective mothers. The importance of nutrition during pregnancy is so sensitive. Some of craving towards food issues such as loss of appetite, or vice versa, may be more. Pregnant woman with nutritionist states that share such a special program prepared


Gestational diabetes, the risk for weight gain may be more than thinking that the beginning of the pregnancy before the diagnosis of diabetes must be controlled to go and not to lose more weight. The most important nutrients such as sugar diabetes in pregnancy is normal carbohydrate (sugar) foods. However, at this point, he also should not be a misunderstanding, because carbohydrates raises blood sugar, gestational diabetes, not removed from the diet. Studies have also shown that even if the missing carbohydrates, protein and fat enough to pregnancy, your baby’s brain creates a negative impact on the development. Important point is the calculation of how much better the need for carbohydrate carbohydrates and carbohydrate needs of the person which times of day, To learn how much and what foods can meet. High-fiber instead of simple sugars raise blood sugar quickly, raise blood sugar more slowly, would be beneficial to choose complex carbohydrates are more effective in improving health.


Complex carbohydrates, whole grains, beans, rice bran, pasta, bulgur, whole wheat bread, rye, oat foods such as simple sugars in the tea, sugar, jam, honey and marmalade, such as foods. Carbohydrate diet program resources as a priority instead of bread and bakery foods passers creates the fruit group. These foods should be thus strict diet, but the amount eaten and the timing is very well determined. The rise of blood sugar in diabetes is not always trouble. The experienced and very dangerous decrease of blood sugar. For this reason, doctors and nutrition experts or have any periods, blood sugar control, to keep food records and these records must be refurbish with a nutrition program. The mother’s body weight, blood glucose levels, taking into account the supervision of a dietitian can eat foods and nutrition program yiyemediği be replaced.


As with diabetes, gestational diabetes, the blood sugar is very troubled. The best way to prevent this is to be fed at frequent intervals. The number and amount of the desired levels of blood glucose is important to keep the meals. Snacks, meal containing complex carbohydrates should be 2.5-3 hours later.


Income at the beginning of nutrients help arrange blood sugar pulp. Fiber, which reduces the effect of the edible carbohydrates, blood sugar, sugar slows down the speed of ascent. For this reason, the value of all the öğünlerimizde with very few calories, but vitamins, minerals and fiber rich foods such as vegetables are consumed. In addition, whole wheat bread, rye, wheat, and other fiber rich carbohydrates such as fruit sources should be preferred.


Conceived weight, determines the weight to be taken during pregnancy. The person with gestational diabetes diet program, always be prepared with a nutritionist. Diet, pregnant woman specially calculated, his love and social life must consist of foods must be appropriate. Missed meals and snacks. Be learned which foods contain carbohydrates, carbohydrates, accordingly, the person will be able to select meals. Subsequent pregnancy, the doctor will suggest the extent of physical activity should be done, drink lots of water, avoid the use of simple sugars, fiber, complex carbohydrates and plenty of weight should be consumed. Nutritional status during early pregnancy, the key to survive the ongoing believed to be an important risk factor that determine health. In adult life, diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease as well as the long-term effects of fetal programming appears to result from the baby. This is the critical period of early fetal life or damage occurring as a result of the warning that the phenomenon of changes in physiology and metabolism for a long time been considered. The main idea is that the Western countries, in spite of today’s nutritional levels under optimal feeding mother’s womb. Because the existing unbalanced foods and their transportation placenta to the fetus due to changes in the structure and function difficult. Evidence suggests that damage to the mother’s womb, then the regulatory mechanisms of age, obesity, and other effects, and progressive functional loss of self-ongoing for many years it takes until you start. In humans, malnutrition and low birth weight due to the rapid development of later childhood increase in cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes later in life may occur. Daily vitamin purchases do should be balanced, including in the 5000 international units of vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B16, vitamin B12, contain, contain folic acid. Maternal nutrition pregnancy outcomes evidence on the relationship between folic acid and neural tube defects in many of the studies investigating the relationship has been obtained. Appropriate to reduce neural tube defects folic acid levels before pregnancy should be provided and maintained during the first 3 months. Fruits, green vegetables, beans, nuts and bread are the major sources of folic acid. Cooking in the diet can lead to the collapse of some forms of folic acid. Recommended daily intake of 400 micrograms. Increases the need for folic acid during pregnancy. Babies with neural tube defects in pregnancies complicated by maternal blood levels of homocysteine, folic acid levels in the blood increase and decrease indicates a defect in the metabolism of homocysteine, folic acid dependent. Allowed high doses of vitamin A per day starting dose 3 times can lead to birth defects. Pregnancy may be as follows for the nutrition program, nutrition before pregnancy counseling should be given to women who are at risk, 400 mg per day for women planning pregnancy. Folate supplementation should be given to patients at high risk of neural tube defects, folate during pregnancy should continue to support and 1200 microgram dose should be removed. To do according to your personal needs during pregnancy nutritional advice, routine iron supplementation of iron deficiency is common in the society should be ensured, excessive use of vitamin A should be prevented, and to protect the newborn hemorrhagic disease of vitamin K should be given to patients on antiepileptic drugs, large amounts of caffeine should be avoided. After birth, the newborn hemorrhagic disease of the newborn in order to prevent a single dose of vitamin K should be done. Pregnant women are susceptible to impaired blood sugar. There is a physiological glucose intolerance. For this reason, should be eating 6 meals a day so as to form the intermediate meals. Long-term açlıklara should not be allowed. Less carbohydrates, protein, mainly arranged in a diet program. Artificial foods should be avoided, the most natural way possible beslenilmelidir. 1 or 2 times a week, fish, red meat consumption must be performed at least 2 times a week. Hard-shelled nuts, walnuts, almonds, nuts, foods rich in folic acid and omega3. Green leafy fruits and vegetables should be included in their nutritional program. 200-250 ml of milk consumed per day, consumed cheese and other dairy products should be added to the diet. At least 8-10 glasses of water a day should be consumed. Except sage herbal teas consumed, fennel, linden and chamomile tea should be preferred. Pregnancy is not a disease, so it lists the calories diet programs in the hands of pregnant women gezmemeli physician deems it necessary, but should take advice of a dietitian.