Aromatherapy to Help Children Sleep & Parents Relax


A relaxing treatment for children pds.” Aromatherapy is the use of plant oils to enhance well-being. Although one must be cautious about using essential oils with children, there are several that are safe to use, and they can be great at helping children settle down to go to sleep. For babies, there are a couple of ways to use essential oils. One way is by giving your baby an all-over massage, and the other is by scenting the room.

To scent the room, instead of using a diffuser, put the oil in a bowl of hot water, which allows for a more gentle approach. If you would prefer to give your baby a massage, here are a few suggestions to get the most out of this bonding time… 1)Wait at least 30 minutes after the baby’s meal. 2)Make sure that the room you use is warm and that your hands are warm. 3)Don’t push hard, but instead, use gentle, light, stroking motions. For more massage tips, download the article on aromatherapy and massage, by Aroma Health Tips, a UK company.

Your toddler may benefit from having an aromatic massage right before storytime. This will give the essential oils plenty of time to soothe and relax and comfort as your toddler settles in for a story. Older children may prefer room fragrancing or an aromatherapy bath. Teenagers may want to use the oils to massage themselves. Best areas would be the neck and shoulders, temples and forehead. Here are several essential oils that both children and parents find relaxing and soothing… Lavender generates peace, eases tension, calms stress, opens the heart, feels gentle and nourishing and soothing, creates relaxation. Great for insomnia. Mandarin Orange encourages calm, creates tranquility, is soothing, uplifting and inspiring, promotes gentleness of spirit. Helpful for insomnia. Marjoram encourages balance, creates feelings of security, heightens intuition, keeps the heart open, grounds energy, releases fear–and the vulnerability that comes from fear of being hurt, allows more joy.

TAKE FIVE is a relaxing aromatherapy blend that contains lavender, mandarin orange and marjoram essential oils. Parents often use it to help their children sleep peacefully, but they find it brings them peace of mind, as well. “We took it (Take Five) with us on a trip, and used the spray bottle in our hotel room when we got there. Sometimes our kids have a harder time getting to sleep the first night because it’s a strange environment. Well, this time, they went right to sleep! So my husband and I sat down for a few minutes to read and talk, and the next thing we knew, we were waking up an hour later! I love that oil and I use it every night in my children’s rooms to make for a quicker, quieter ritual.”