Glossary of Computer Terms

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing, is a way to get paid a commission or fee for referring visitors of your site to buy items or services from another online business. The way this usually works is you have a unique code in the link on your site that your visitors use to go to the other business’ website. That special code lets the other business know who referred the buyer to their business. Sometimes you get paid if the person just clicks on the link, sometimes they have to actually buy a product for you to get paid. Each one is different and you need to read the terms of agreement for each one you choose to deal with. E-Goods E-Goods are digital products.

They can be a Book in PDF format; a software program, music or movies you download. They are products you can buy and receive via the internet (as oppose to getting it in the mail or buying it from a real store.) Favicon A Favicon is the tiny picture you see next to a site’s name in your bookmarks or if your internet browser supports them then you see them next to the browser’s address bar. They don’t actually do anything other than to help brand or identify the website.

HTML What does html stand for? HyperText Markup Language. It’s the language used to create documents (pages) on the World Wide Web. Top of Page Infopreneur An infopreneur is an internet business owner who takes what they know and puts it on their website. The information attracts visitors. Those visitors convert into income by various means. The infopreneur doesn’t deal with an actual customer. RSS feed RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Its purpose is to show people updates on their favorite website, instead of having to go back to the site to see IF it has been updated. (and how) In order to use an RSS feed you need to have an RSS reader. You can get free ones from the big search engines. For a more thorough explanation on RSS click the “What’s an RSS feed” text near the orange RSS button under the navigation bar on this page. Internet Business Traffic Traffic is used to describe the busy-ness of an internet site.

Traffic is made up of visitors, visits and page views. A visitor to a site may visit it more then once in any given timeframe, and they can look at a little or a lot of the sites web pages. All this activity when measured, helps an online business owner determine if what they are doing is attracting people’s interest. Traffic is a way to measure an internet business’s success. Niche Idea My definition of niche idea is: A narrow interest, topic or subject which could be the basis for a website. It should have a specialized target audience. Its profitability depends largely on the audience it caters to. Top of Page Passive Income Passive income is such income which does not need your direct participation. Like the royalties from a book, dividends from an investment, rent a landlord collect from his renters. You may have to spend time or money upfront, but you get it back plus much more over time. Social Bookmarking A way for website visitors to save web pages they want to remember and or share with a specific group of people, like friends on “Facebook”, “Myspace”, etc.) Widget The Simplest definition I can give you is that it’s usually a bit of programming code originating at one site but that can be put on another website’s pages. The information from the first website shows through it. (Like the current weather of your favorite sunny spot) The contents of the widgets on my site are “live” meaning that the results they show are being updated automatically from the site the widgets are from. As the webmaster of the site the widgets are showing up on, all I have to do is paste the code onto my webpage once, I don’t have to do anything