Mobile video clips,one of the latest trends in electronics:

old models of mobile phones Just a few years ago, we could see that as if everybody was holding a Nokia 5110 to their ear and people were so thrilled sending text messages and making calls. Then, after just three or four years, everybody was itching for the Nokia 7650 which had a built-in camera capable of taking pictures and sending the captures photos through MMS. MMS service Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a usual way to send and receive messages that contain multimedia content to and from mobile phones. About ten years later, smartphones and tablet PCs have become the β€œIN” thing. These gadgets can do almost everything – from doing all the functionalities of older mobile devices to accessing E-mails, surfing the Internet, online chatting, video calling, playing games and watching mobile video clips – all with just a few touches, taps, pinches or swipes of the screen. wasting a precious time Among all these benefits, mobile users devote the majority of their time on watching, downloading, uploading, or sending mobile video clips. According to the latest research, YouTube gets approximately 200 million views per day from mobile users alone. addiction of watching videos Knowing that there are already greater than 100 million users of smartphones in the U.S. thousands of free mobile video choices on the Net, no one would be surprised to learn that a lot of Americans, especially teenagers, are becoming addicted to watching videos. usage of video clips on social media But apart from watching video clips online, people are also feeling entertained by taking videos of whatever they feel. capturing on camera and uploading them on YouTube, Facebook, etc. Doing this not only allows them to save important occasions, it also enables them to share their priceless experiences with their social network and the rest of the world. latest mobile apps Today, people are not just limited to sending text messages and pictures. technology already allows fast sharing of mobile video clips. Mobile apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, and Touch are just four of the many software applications that make free video sharing possible. creative ideas and latest features There is no doubt that mobile videos are on the rise. Watching movies is now cheaper and transferring mobile video clips are now more convenient than ever. Technology, indeed, has revolutionized the way people communicate and spend their leisure time. And with mobile programmers and designers thinking of creative ideas and more features for mobile gadgets. innovative developments are really expected down the road.