Job Search – How to Get Your Linkedin Profile to Attract Recruiters 24-7

Are you or do you know a 14 year old who is trying to make some cash on a regular basis? Well, you can start today as there is plenty of online opportunities for 14 year olds. It is possible in this day and age with all the opportunities around.

There are jobs online without age requirements. If a 14 year old can do it, than most other ages can do it as well, 14 year olds are constantly looking for work though because they want some extra cash to buy those clothes, video games, or anything else - the problem is that they can not find jobs due to law requirements and things of that nature.

One of these jobs is called online surveys! Taking paid surveys seems to many like a scam, and especially to me, I'm the biggest skeptic of all, but I do know that there are legitimate websites online that will pay you for taking surveys, there are people who are making four figures monthly. Now, surveys won't replace a grown person's day job, but they can help afford those little things in life.

Do paid surveys, there are major companies who are willing to pay out millions of dollars to hear from individuals and what they think about the company. The reason why companies do this is because one person may see the company in such a way that it can revolutionize a product, tend to a need; fix it, and create an even better business.

14 year olds can fill out surveys, it will completely revolve around their schedule, and if they decide they do not want to do it anymore, they do not, it's a good opportunity and it should be started immediately!

There are lots of people out there with the same title you have, but very few who have a brand that demonstrates results. Don’t put just your job title under your name. That doesn’t make you distinctive nor memorable. Put your brand right up front.
For example, I recently helped a jobseeker who was a city manager. The only thing under his name on his linked in profile was his job title. What’s there now? “City manager good under pressure with an intact sense of humor.”
Which one is more likely to make him stand out from all the other city managers on linked in? Which gives him some personality right away in just a few words? Which one would you be more interested in talking to?
Second, make your summary concise and compelling. Don’t ramble on until you see you’ve run out of space. Try to tell the reader about the problems you solve and the results you get in about 4-6 lines.
Be sure to include the major key words people will be searching for so they can find you. Spend just a little time. You’ll see how just a little information actually makes you more desirable to recruiters and hiring managers.
And finally, show them something extra. Add some articles or presentations you’ve done that represent your expertise. List relevant books you’re reading to show you’re staying current and always learning.
With these kinds of changes, your LinkedIn profile presents you to the recruiter or person you want to network with as someone they should talk to.
Since your profile speaks very loudly about you, make sure it’s saying something important and exciting.