Center your mind and strengthen your body with this program

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As Angelo Grinceri well knows, where the mind goes, the body follows. So the Performix House ( trainer and Intrinsic Strength Training author conjured up a 30-day plan that engages both aspects to help you look and feel great.

“If you’re not mentally healthy and committed to taking care of yourself,” he says, “you’re not going to move forward in any fitness capacity.” Toward that end, Grinceri embraces yoga-style warmups. “The start involves stretching to an end range of motion, with breathing,” he explains. “If you just relax with a big inhale, big exhale through the belly, you can reach farther.” From there, his workouts challenge you in multiple ways. The still phase recruits body control with calisthenic poses, the dynamic phase involves agility work, and the explosive phase demands efficiency and raw power. “They’re all different,” he says, “but they’re all based around focus and awareness.”

To truly lock in, Grinceri recommends Performix SST. “Say you jump into a cold ocean,” he says. “You’re like, ‘Whoa,’ but that breaks the mental rut you’re in and wakes your mind up. This product does the exact same thing.” Try these routines once a week each (twice if you’re feeling beastly), alongside the daily meditative exercises (see box at right), to get focused and fit from the inside out.

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