Massey Ferguson 3050

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  • SCALE 1/32
  • MODEL MF 3050
  • MAKER PDC Farm Models
  • PRICE £75.00
  • AVAILABILITY Very Limited
  • VERDICT *****

PDC Farm Models 2wd Massey Ferguson 3050 makes clever use two separate Universal Hobbies models to create this fine example of the smallest tractor available in Massey Ferguson’s 3000 series.

The chassis and 2wd front axle used in the conversion is from Universal Hobbies Massey Ferguson 675 from which the rear wheels, cab, and bonnet have been removed. A six-cylinder UH Massey Ferguson 3080 then lends it’s cab rear wheels and bonnet for the remaining major parts required to complete the conversion.

The 2wd front axle from the 675 is well suited to the conversion even the front weights and holder aren’t necessarily of the correct type, they still look the part. The front wheels and centers are of an appropriate and well-matched size for the 3050. The axle steers smoothly in the correct manner too.

The bonnet has been cut down significantly to suit the four-cylinder engine. This work has been carried out exceptionally well and has been married to both the 675’s engine detail and bulkhead of the 3000 series cab very neatly. The decals could do with been a little bolder, that said they’ve been well applied and fit the bonnet properly too.

A great deal of care and attention has been made in firstly removing the 3000 series cab from the original 3080 and seating in on the chassis of the 675 to ensure it both sits level and meets up with the bonnet. If there is one minor criticism I have it’s that the bonnet sits a fraction too low, it’s barely noticeable and with using the chassis from another tractor there has to be a certain degree of compromise. All of the cab’s major features remain in place including the steps, handrails, mirrors, and external lights. This cab has always been one of the most accurate Universal Hobbies ever produced, and this is backed up with the fantastic level of detail inside too, with the steering column, armrest, and seat all very accurate. As with most PDC Farm Models 3000 series conversions the amber beacon has been lowered from its ridiculously high position to a much more realistic height.
The rear wheels have had the hubs painted and track width reduced to sit in line with the 675-front axle. Although never the prettiest of centers they’re far more appropriate for the 3050 than the originals fitted to the 675.

At the rear, the conversion remains fitted with Universal Hobbies highly compatible and basic two-point Britains style rear hitch which also keeps the overall cost of the conversion down. At £75 this was a bargain conversion carried out to the highest of standards. However due to limited availability of the 3080 nowadays, prices for 3000 series donor models have soared making them an unattractive proposition for conversion work unless you’re prepared to splash the cash and potentially de-value a now highly lucrative standard model. If you can find a 3080 cheap enough then there’s still the possibility of having a 3050 like this one recreated.

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