Start treatment of acne before having to regret the loss of tissues

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Facial acne scars are characterized either by loss of tissue (ice pick or pitted, indented boxcar scars, rolling acne scars) or by the abnormal formation of new thickened tissues.
Those acne lesions are injuries caused to the cells lining the sebum canals when there is a sudden outflow of sebum to the outer layer of the skin due to hormonal disequilibria or due to increased pressure on those cells arising from blocking of such outflow by clogged or blocked skin pores.

In truth acne scarring is the outcome when our immunity mechanism has to depend just by itself resources to fix acne ruptures, for then it acts as dictated by the evolutionary lesson it learned during our evolutionary drift:
All wounds or injuries, scrapes or blisters represent a threatening threat to our survival, not only due to blood loss, but also due to tissue damage or infection from the invasion of micro-organisms and/or foreign bodies such as dust, chips and bacteria.

The healing mechanism that has evolved to react to such threats has two basic characteristics:

First, there is a fast and powerful inflammatory response, which sets on the alarms and leads to a cascade of events that begin with a call to action to its fire wrestlers to the wounded site.

Second, there is a fibrotic”walling-off” reply to isolate foreign bodies, and stop germs from ceasing the chance to penetrate at the location of a sore.

Problem is those firemen arrive inflamed with chemical weapons and can care less if they also liquefy or destroy opposite skin and lead straight to pustule formation. After all they have learned, during our evolutionary drift, that intruders at a location of incision may become a case of life or death.

Beauty Isn’t a Priority For Our Immune Mechanism

To restore the integrity of the skin as quickly as possible shutting of skin punctures and repairing of missing skin tissues occur quickly by an evolutionary mechanism that leads to granulation and fibrosis, and in other more common words: acne scars.

Against this, when granulation tissues form in wound healing, collagen bundles are laid down in parallel between the margins of the skin lesions. The abnormal architecture of the collagen deposition creates tissues of weaker tensile strength and produces the characteristic scars.

Studies of the wound therapeutic process in humans and in animals show, for a fact, that the first 48 hours after a skin lesion are key in determining the scarring end result. The best end result is when interventions are made inside this window. A probable reason is that the low number of signaling molecules in the initial cytokine cascade triggered by the skin healing process can have a deep effect on the levels/proportions of inflaming cells and growth factors inducted to the wound site.
Additionally, the inducted cells influence the receptor profiles on the target cells, further affecting the healing response and successive scar deposition.

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