Where Is The Best London Buildings to Have an Office in?

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Owning or renting London office space is a big deal anyway but there are a few buildings in the Capital that have offices to die for. These buildings are known around the world. You may not have that job that everyone wants but you’ll definitely have that office space that they all want. Nice locations, uptown spots and mind blowing architecture definitely forms an incentive but research also shows that simpler buildings are preferred with easy access to eating spots.

1-London Ark:

 London Ark  London

Named because of its shape, the London Ark building that is next to the Hammer smith Flyover isn’t a new one but still a popular choice for renting an office. Close to the highway and easily accessible to people coming from out of town, the London Ark boasts more than just location. Chosen at one point as Britain’s happiest place to work. It’s structure has soaring interiors and suspended walkways.

2-New Street Square:

New Street Square London

A modern innovative structure, with a traditional public square, the New Street Square has a sprawling pretty reception area and sleek interiors. Spacious offices and attractive architecture is combined with leisure and retail facilities on the ground floor.

3-Cardinal place:

Cardinal place London

Three buildings together, the Cardinal Place is situated on Victoria Street. It brags elegance and modern design resembling a curve glass capsule. An iconic sight and home to 24 huge retailers, it also has large office spaces to let with a floor space of 94,500m2.

3-Tower 42:

Tower 42 London

The Tower was initially disliked and required a redesign, but the building is now full and has added conference rooms. It is the second tallest skyscraper in the city and like a few modern designed high end buildings, it has a pretty atrium and its own commercial champagne bar.

4-Plantation Place:

Plantation Place London

This box shaped building isn’t new, nor does it boast amazing architecture or design. However, as soon as it opened, its offices were full. Its quiet location which doesn’t attract many tourist provides for privacy and no distraction thus being a popular choice with a lot of companies.

Broad-gate Circle

Broad-gate Circle London

If seen in the evening, at first glance one can mistake the Broad gate Circle for a film location because of its bright lights. The circle, used in the winter as a skating rink and in summer as a leisure place, is flanked by 15 office buildings. Close to Liverpool Street Station, it is well connected with three underground lines and the mainline. The area is shared by quite a few office buildings.

5-Abbey Business Center:

Abbey Business Center London

When you step out of Canary Wharf station, you feel like you are transported out of London and possibly onto the sets of Inception. All glass buildings, wide beautified roads and landscapes, the area is all business. The Abbey Business Center forms part of this picture. It stands tall, showing off its vast reception area, open plan offices and large meeting rooms. A shopping center is conveniently placed at the base of the building, is and the London city airport isn’t too far away.

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